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Civil War Round Table of Arkansas

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Confederate Memorial

Newport, Jackson County, Arkansas



The Jackson Guards were organized Jacksonport, Jackson County, Arkansas, by Captain A.C. Pickett, a prominent lawyer, of Jacksonport, Sunday morning May 5th, 1861. The Company was marched to the Presbyterian Church and there presented with a beautiful silk flag made by the fair ladies of Jacksonport. The presentation speech was made by Miss Mary Tom Caldwell, assisted by Miss Pauling Hudson, and Miss Fannie Board. The speech of acceptance was made by Private S.S. Gause of the Company. They were then marched to the steamboat Mary Patterson and with Capt. Morg Bateman, the owner and commander, they took passage for Memphis, Tenn. and from there went to Richmond, Va. their destination at that time.

The original muster roll of Co. "G" First Arkansas Infantry Or. Jackson Guards.

Col. Jas F. Fagan's Regiment
Gen. Locus Polk's and O.C. Govan's Brigades
Gen. Cleburne's Division.
Hardee Corps, Army of Tennessee.
First Officers, elected May 5th, 1861.
Capt. A.C. Pickett, in 1862, Col of Stern's Reg.
1st Lieut., L.C. Guase, in 1862 Col. of 32nd Ark. Reg.
2nd Lieut. L.L. Moore, Honorably Discharged.
3rd Lieut., George Paine, Honorably Discharged in 1862.

Non-Commissioned Officers
1st Sergt. James F. Hunter, Trans,
2nd Sergt. W.S. Densford, Discharged, over age
3rd Sergt. John Loftin
4th Sergt. Peter Bach, Wounded
5th Sergt, Clay Love
1st Corpl. John M. Waddill
2nd Corpl. Samuel Shoup
3rd Corpl. Henry Clements
4th Corpl. W.E. Sevens
Officers from 1862 - 1865

Capatain Sam Shoup, Wounded at Atlanta
1st Lieut. Allen Walthall, Killed and Kenneran Mountain
2nd Lieut H.C. Lowe, Wounded at Chickamauga and JOnesboro
3rd Lieut. John R. Loftin

List of Battles in which Company "G" 1st Arkansas Regiment engaged in from 1861 - 1865

First Battle of Manassas
Bloomade of Potomac at Evansport
Shiloh - Farmington
Corinth - Perryville
Murfreesboro- Chickamauga
Missionary Ridge - Ringgold Gap
74 days from Dalton to Atlanta
Peachtree Creek - Atlanta
Jonesboro - Springhill
Franklin - Nashville

A.C. Pickett
Harve Wilson
G.E. Game
Morgan Bateman
Pony Anthony
JOhn Bland
Robert Anthony
C.V. Steen
Jack Horne
W.P. Campbell
J.V. Richardson
James Hunter
Jack Brown
J.M. Siddell
Frank Wells
T.J. Yarbrough
Alex W. Jones
Sam Jones
John Hale
James Thrall
Unknown Lester

L.M. Ramsour

W.K. Patterson
Charles Mattock
Charles Young

J.M. Jones
S.D. Bateman

John Shearer
W.P. Robinson
Ben Adler
Frank Caldwell
C.M. Montelle
J.C. Hawley
James Howard
James S. Jones

Wounded +
Discharged x
Killed -
Transferred ||
Died =
Furnished substitute O
Detailed ^

Joe Lax =
Jerry Love +
JOhn D. Love
Nathan Love
A.R. Logan -
Shannon Logan +
Pat Murphy o
Lemuel McKee +
William M. Matthews +
Jasper May +
Mart A. Mull +
J.D. Meyers +
W.H. Moore -
John A. McDonald +
J. McClain -
B.F. McGowan +
David McCullough ||
W.M. McCartney ^
W.A. Meyers
Robert Morris x
John M. Murphy
Dave Mulligan
John A. Murphy x
Michael Nash
John Orick =
W.P. Pinkley -
Bob Burnett
W.T. Barnes ^
Robert B. Bond +
W.H. Baker x
George W. Baker ||
Ben B. Bradley
William Bundell ||
John Baird +
T.H. Brogden -
T.A. Byler
J.J. Bobo ^
J.K. Bedwell =
Edward Burnett -
John Baldridge +
Alex Baldridge +
W.E. Bevens +
Peter Bach +
W.N. Clayton -
William Cooper =
Jack Conn x
John A. Cathey +
Austin Choate +
F. Collins
John Carpenter
B.L. Covey
Henry Clements +
E.V. Dale -
George F. Dickson ||
Ed Dempsey
Richard Dorsey x
Thomas B. Davis =
Cliff Dowell
F.W. Dillard
S.M. Ferrill x
J.F. Ferrill
James Fulcher
James Garrett ||
S.S. Gause ||
Arthur Green -
E. Haggerton ^
Robert Harl
James M. Hensley +
Dan Hays x
J0nathan Harrison +
James Hudson
Martin Howard +
Richard Hayden ||
Joseph Hamilton ||
W.H. Hunter
Joseph Hubbard -
W.H. Heard
W.H. Henson =
Tom A. Hall
James F. Hunter ||
Lon Harl
Dave Kelley -
B.F. Kinman X
John Lamb
Joseph Joslin ||
Wilson Love

Henry Powell x
Jack Porter x
J.P.K. Prichard x
Y.R. Ridley ^
G.A. Ramey x
J.W. Robinson
J.R. Roberts
Wm. Rogers
G.W. Reager
Geo. W. Roberts ||
Jos. R. Roberts +
W.H.C. Reed +
John M. Rodgers +
B.F. Richardson
J.W. Readen
George Rice +
B.F. Reeves +
Fred Roy
David Roby ||
H. Ratcliff
Arthur Rhodes =
W.D. Shackleford ^
Alfred Stewart -
Thos. r. Stone ||
Jas. M. Stinson -
Charley Steadman -
Josh Sample x
George K. Stephens x
Henry Smith =
Sullivan, R.H. x
Slaughter, R.L.
Stewart, Pony -
Stringfellow, Eli x
Sherry, J.H.
George Sparling +
Jas. Seward x
John B. Trail
George B. Thomas +
W.N. Tucker X
Jasper Vaughn
B.F. Vandifer +
A.F. Vandifer +
Boon Winnieham
Harrison, Winnieham
W.D. Winnieham
Beverly Willard X
B.F. Whitley
B.F. White
John Wilson X
J.B. Waddill +
John M. Waddill X
J. Fletcher Williams +

J.W. Jones
Co. 1, Forrest Cavalry
Surgeon 1st Ark. Reg.

Rawling Young,
Asst. Surgeon 1st Ark. Reg.

T.R. Ashford
Asst. Surgeon, 1st Ark. Reg.

Wm. E. Arnold

Surrender at Jacksonport

Here on June 5, 1865, Confederate General Jeff Thompson formally surrendered the army of Northern Arkansas to Union military authorities. More than five thousand officers and enlisted men who served under Thompson were paroled here, as were several hundred more Confederate soldiers from other commands.

At the time of surrender the Confederates were almost without food and weapons, and had no equipment except dugout canoes. General Jeff Thompson made his farewell address to his men from the deck of a steamboat.

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