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Civil War Round Table of Arkansas

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Harrison Confederate Marker

Harrison, Boone County, Arkansas


This monument perpetuates the memory of those who true to the instincts of their birth, faithful to the teachings of their fathers, constant in their love for the state, died in the performance of their duty, who have glorified a fallen cause by the simple manhood of their lives, the patient endurance of suffering and the heroism of death and who, in the dark hours of imprisonment in the hopelessness of the hospital, in the short sharp agony of the field found support and consolation in the belief that at home they would not be forgotten let the stranger who may in future times read this inscription recognize that these were men whom power could not corrupt, whom death could not terrify, whom defeat could not dishonor and let their virtues plead for just judgment of the case in which they perished.

Let the Arkansawyer of another generation remember that the state taught them how to live and how to die and that from her broken fortunes she has preserved for her children the priceless treasure of their memories teaching all who may claim the same birthright that truth, courage and patriotism endure forever.

Dedicated by the General Jo Shelby Camp No. 1414 of the Arkansas Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans in Harrison, Arkansas on April 6, 1986, to honor the memory of those gallant Confederates who fought valiantly for their beloved southland.

1986 Officers
Commander - E. Wayne Cone
1 Lt. Cmdr. - J. Troy Massey
2 Lt. Cmdr - Ralph Cox
Adjutant - Joe Cotton
Qtrmaster - W.S. Muller
Judge Advocate - Don West
Historian - B.L. Deakins
Color Sgt. - Charles Hammett
Chaplain - Leonard O'Neal

1983 - Charter Officers
Commander - J. Troy Massey
1 Lt. Cmdr. - Jeff Massey
2 Lt. Cmdr. - Sam A. Massey
Adjutant - E. Wayne Cone
Qtrmaster - Sam J. Massey
Judge Advocate - Don West
Historian - Charles Hammett
Color Sgt. - John Dodd
Chaplain - W.S. Muller
Treasurer - Gene Waters

Arkansas Division Officers (1984 - 1986)
Commander - J. Troy Massey
Adjutant - E. Wayne Cone
Judge Avd. - Garvin Fitton
Chaplain - Leonard O'Neal
Historian - Ralph Cox
Ch. of Staff - W.S. Muller
Ex. Coun. - Charles Hammett
Aides-De Camp - Sam J. Massey, Jeff Massey, John D. Massey, Ron Shaver, Lee Burks


Photographs courtesy of

Listed below are Confederate Veterans throughout the southern Confederacy whose descendants thought enough of the memory of the Old Soldiers to contribute in the erecting of this monument to their and all their comrades memories.

Albright, Wm. - Pvt. Harrell's Ark. Cav.
Baker, John H. - Pvt. Harrell's Ark. Cav.
Beavers, John Crockett - Pvt. Shelby's Div. - Price's Mo. Cav.
Beavers, William - Pvt. Monore's Ark. Cav.
Brooks, Jeremiah Hale - Pvt. 15 Ark. Militia.
Busby, Burrell B. - Pvt. Reeve's Ark. Inf.
Cone, R.L. - Cpl. 19 Ark. Inf.
Cox, Jacob - Pvt 1 Ark. Mtd. Rifles
Davidson, James Monroe - 14th Ark. Inf.
Deakins, Absalom - Pvt 13 Ark. Cav.
Eoff, Joseph - Pvt. Stirman's Ark. Cav.
Estes, Ben - Capt - Harrell's Ark. Cav.
Garrett, Temple - Pvt. 14th Ark. Cav.
Horton, Isaac - Pvt. 32 Ark. Inf.
Hudson, Harrison Wheat - Pvt. Ark. Inf.
Kinard, william David - Pvt. 19 ark. Inf.
Leslie, John - Pvt. 45 Ark. Inf.
Leslie, Sam - Col 45 Ark. Militia
Majors, James A. - Pvt. 3 Mo. Cav.
Mitchell, Wm. C. - Col. 14 Ark. Inf.
Norris, Granville Newton - Pvt. Harrell's Ark. Cav.
Richardson, James M. - Pvt. 2 Tenn. Inf.
Rowland, Mack - Pvt. Jackman's Ark. Cav.
Shaver, Robert - Col. 3 Corps Army of Miss.
Sitton, Joshua H. - Pvt. 11 Ga. Inf.
Talburt, Sameul H. - Sgt - 8 Ark. Cav.
Talburt, Thomas Simeon - Pvt. 8 Ark. Cav.
Tomlinson, John H. - 2LT - 53 NC Inf.
Morris, Vance - Pvt Cabell's Ark Inf
Walker, Oliver Louis - Pvt 42 Al. Inf.
Williford, J.G. - Maj 11 Al. Inf.
Wilson, Daniel - Lt. 27 Ark. Inf.
Wright, James Tyrie - Capt. 8 Div. Mo. State Guard
Wood, Elijah - Pvt. Schnable's Ark. Cav.
Wood, Joseph - Pvt. Schnable's Ark. Cav.
Young, Benjamin F. - Sgt. 1 Tenn. Cav.
Byrd, John Ashley - Pvt. 3 Tenn. Cav.
Cecil, Harrison Henry - Pvt. 54 N.C. Inf.
Cecil, John W. - Pvt. 54 N.C. Inf.
Cone, William B. - Lt. 19 Ark. Inf.
Crump, George James - Capt. 16 Ark. Inf.
Green, Michael - Pvt. Schnable's Ark. Cav.
Hankins, James H. - Pvt. Nichol's Ark. Cav.
Hankins, James L. - Pvt. Nichol's Ark. Cav.
Harrell, W.H. - Pvt. 4 Ky. Inf.
Miller, Thomas T.S. - Pvt. Miss. Cav.
Phillips, William - Pvt. Hill's Ark. Cav.
Poplin, John - Lt. 14 Ark. Inf.
Reynolds, Charles - 1st Pvt. 2 Ark. Mtd. Rifles
Routh, Hugh L. - Pvt. 1 Btn. Ark. Cav
Ruble, Jacob O.R. - Capt. 27 Ark. Inf.
Rudd, Benjamin Franklin - Pvt. 4 Ark Inf.
Shelby, Joseph Orville - Maj. Gen. Cmdr. of Mo. Cav. Div of the Trans - Miss.
Shields, Andrew - Pvt. 5 Tenn Cav.
Sisco, Emmerson - Pvt 3 Ark. Cav.
Sisco, Franklin - Pvt. 3 ark. Cav.
Sisco, Wm. Houston - Pvt. Harrell's Ark. Cav.
Sisco, Samuel - Pvt. Cooper's Ark. Cav
Sisco, Thomas F. - Sgt. Harrell's Ark. Cav.
Walker, Joseph D. - Pvt. S.C. Palemetto Sharpshooters
Whitley, John Wesley - Sgt. 15 N.W. Ark. Inf.
Wood, James Monroe - Pvt. 1 Ark. Gordon's Cav. Wright
Willie Blount Dr. Carroll County Home Guards
Sisco, Granville, Pvt. Harrell's Ark. Cav.
Sisco, Marshall A. Pvt. Hill's Ark. Mtd. Inf.
Copeland, Andrew Jasper - Pvt. 27 Ark. Inf.
Looney, Robert Fain - Col. Looney's 38 Tenn. Inf.

The Abner - Cone - Langston - Shaver - Wright Chapter of the Military Order of the Stars and Bars of the Arkansas Society dedicates the remainder of Confederate Officer Corps own personally, financially the southern war effort.

From this area area: Ark. Cav. Btn. / Dodson, Eli Col. Col. 14 Ark. Inf. / Gaither, Beal Maj. McRae's Cav. / Leslie Sam W.C. Col. 14 Ark. Inf. and Watkins Congress.

This monument to which gave so much of their militarily to support commanders of prominence Bishop, Joe W. Maj Harrell's 14 Ark. Inf./ Fowler, Pleasant Col. 27 Ark. Inf. / Leslie, John Col. 45 Ark. Militia / Mitchell, William M. Member Confederate.