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Civil War Round Table of Arkansas

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    Newsletter Archive - We have left these online because they contain valuable articles. For the most up-to-date Civil War Roundtable of Arkansas Newsletter please use the Newsletter button in the Menu. 

    Our 39th Year Meets Fourth Tuesday, January-November/Founded March 1964 
    Fletcher Branch Library, H & Buchanan (East of University Ave.), 
    Little Rock Program at 7 p.m. 
    Charles Durnett, President  /  Jerry L. Russell, Editor,
    Dues $15 Per Year VISITORS WELCOME! 
    Pea Ridge Today
    by Supt. John Scott

    OUR SPEAKER this month will be Pea Ridge NMP superintendent John Scott.  He has reported to us before about the status of the battlefield, and will bring us up to date Tuesday night.


    Pea Ridge National Military Park is a 4,300 acre Civil War Battlefield that preserves the site of the March 1862 battle that saved Missouri for the Union. On March 7 & 8, nearly 26,000 soldiers fought to determine whether Missouri would remain under Union control, and whether or not Federal armies could continue their offensive south through the Mississippi River Valley. Major General Earl Van Dorn led 16,000 Confederates against 10,250 Union soldiers, under the command of Brigadier General Samuel R. Curtis. Van Dorn's command consisted of regular Confederate troops commanded by Brigadier General Benjamin McCulloch, and Missouri State Guard Forces commanded by Major General Sterling Price. The Confederate force also included some 800 Cherokees fighting for the Confederacy. The Union army consisted of soldiers from Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri and Ohio. Half of the Federals were German immigrants. The park also includes a two and one half mile segment of the Trail of Tears. The Elkhorn Tavern, site of bitter fighting on both days, is a NPS reconstruction on the site of the original. The park is one of the most well preserved battlefields in the United States. 


    National Military Park - July 20, 1956
    National Register of Historic Places - October 15, 1969

    THANKS TO GEORGE DAVIS for his presentation on the 6th Arkansas Infantry, CSA last month.  It?s refreshing to hear presentations on little-known, but just as important, sacrifices during The War.


    May 27, 2003--Cal Collier, Towson, Md., The Great Beefsteak Raid.

    June 24, 2003--Randy Philhours, Paragould, ?The Marmaduke-Walker Duel.?

    July 22, 2003--Rob McGregor, Little Rock, ?Jefferson Davis, Before & After the Civil War.?

    August 26, 2003--Dr. Brian Steel Wills, UVA- Wisc, ?Forrest in the Summer of ?64.?

    September 23, 2003--Dr. Dan Sutherland, The Uni-versity of Arkansas, ?Guerilla Warfare.?

    October 28, 2003--Landon Smith, Jackson, Miss, ?Prai-rie d'Ane.?

     RIVER MARKET BOOKS & GIFTS, the used book and gift shop operated by the Friends of Central Arkansas Libraries, located on the first floor of the Cox Creative Center, 120 Commerce St., Little Rock, will host a book talk and signing by Professor Tom DeBlack on May 1.  DeBlack?s book, With Fire and Sword: Arkansas, 1864-1874, was published this month by University of Arkansas Press.  The event will be from noon until 1:00 p.m. in the meeting room (3rd floor) of the Cox Building.  Guests are asked to bring their lunch and call 501-918-3032 to make a reservation.  Drinks and desserts will be provided.  Seating is limited.  The event is free and open to the public.

    This book is the fourth volume in the Histories of Arkansas Series.  River Market Books & Gifts will also have the other three books in the Histories of Arkansas Series written by Charles Bolton, Carl Moneyhon, and Ben F. Johnson.  Proceeds from the book sales will go to the Friends of the Library.
    DeBlack's book signing will celebrate River Market Books & Gifts initial order of UA Press bestsellers and recent publications.  Offering these books to the public will be a new feature of the Friends of the Library's store.  For more information contact Susan Schallhorn at 501-918-3033 or Mary Ann Crawford, store manager, at 501-918-3093.

    The MacArthur Military Museum (Arkansas Military Heritage Foundation) is undertaking a project to restore and repair the Capital Guards Monument on the grounds of the Arsenal building.  The monument was placed by the UDC and dedicted in 1911 during the Confederate Veterans reunion.  It has had little or no maintenance in the past 90+ years and it has considerable damage from the formation of black patina caused by exhaust fumes, acid rain and other pollutants.  Also, it has been vandalized (bayonet broken twice).  Our foundation board has gotten estimates of repair and restoration work and they range from $15,000 to $30,000.

    The restoration work will remove the black patina which, according to conservation experts, is very damaging to the bronze figure?s base metal and will destroy it if left untreated over time.  The green patina will not be removed since, as I understand it, it is protective of the base metal.  Also, the bayonet will be replaced.  Currently, we have received $6,500 in contributions toward this project. I suggested to the Board that the Round Tables, at least those in the central Arkansas area, be contacted to request contributions from individual members as well as from the Round Tables as a group.  I am sure that you will look at this as a worthy project and request your help in passing the request on to the individual Round Tables that you feel are appropriate.  Thank you for your help.  Please let me have any questions.  Steven McAteer will also be available to speak at any of the RTs that would like a brief five minute talk about this project.   --David Gruenewald

     According to the Civil War Mailing list, the National Archives is now engaging in a review policy to determine what records are worth keeping (or should be discarded.)

    The opportunity for comment is at this web page:

    As I review the proposed policy, I THINK it mainly applies to which new records should be added to the collection.  Nevertheless, there is no categorical statement in the policy that 19th Century records, including Civil War related materials, which are now in the NARA collection should be retained.
    I think this is something that might be worth sharing with your mailing list.  --Brian

    It is slmost time for the annual Southern Memorial Day at the Confederate Cemetery in Fayetteville.  This will be our 130th memorial service.  The ladies of the Southern Memorial Association invite you to help us make this a worthy memorial service.

    All Confederate re-enactors, SCV, UDC, OCR, and other people who love our Southern heritage are encouraged to attend.  Please pass the word.  There will also be a BBQ at the Prairie Grove Battlefield Park; each person paying his own meal.  The Young Branson Couple plans to play Bluegrass for us again at the BBQ.

    If you have any ideas concerning the service or how you might be of help, please contact SMA President  Kim Pearson <> or SMA Secretary Donna Shwieder <>.
    Visit our website by checking the LINKS page at

    See You Tuesday Night for John Scott and Pea Ridge Today.

    We Who Study Must Also Strive To Save!