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 Post subject: Arkansas Civil War Bibliography
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Books on Arkansas's Role in the War Between the States
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The purpose of the Arkansas Civil War Reading List is to provide the beginning reader with a short guide to good introductory books on the war as it affected our state. It lists a number of books, several of them with multiple volumes, as well as an 11 hour video documentary. The list is divided into various topic areas, each listing between three and eight books, which do not require a lot of prior knowledge about the war and which provide a good introduction for further reading on the subject.

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Akridge, Scott A., and Emmett E. Powers, A Severe and Bloody Fight: The Battle of Whitney's Lane & Military Occupation of White County, Arkansas, May & June, 1862, White County Historical Museum, Searcy, AR, 1996.
Allen, Desmond Walls, The Fourteenth Arkansas Confederate Infantry. Conway, AR: Arkansas Research).
Allen, Desmond Walls, The Twenty-Seventh Arkansas Confederate Infantry. Conway, AR: Arkansas Research, 1993).
Allen, Desmond Walls, The Thirty-Eighth Arkansas Confederate Infantry. Conway, AR: Arkansas Research).
Allen, Desmond Walls, First Arkansas Confederate Mounted Rifles. Conway, AR: Arkansas Research).
Allen, Desmond Walls, editor. Silas C. Turnbo's History of the Twenty-Seventh Arkansas Confederate Infantry Conway, AR: Arkansas Research, 1910).
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Allen, Desmond Walls, editor. Turnbo’s Tales of the Ozarks: War and Guerrilla Stories. Revised edition. Conway, AR: Arkansas Research, 1989.
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Anderson, John Q., compiler. Campaigning with Parsons ‘Texas Cavalry Brigade, CSA: The War Journals and Letters of the Four Orr Brothers, 12th Texas Cavalry Regiment. Hillsboro, TX: Hill Junior College Press, 1967.
Anderson, Mabel W. Life of Genera! Stand Watie, the Only Indian Brigadier General of the Confederate Army and the Last General to Surrender. Pryor, OK: Mayes County Republican, 1915.
Angelo, Mike, editor. “Letters from Confederate Camps in Woodruff County.” Rivers & Roads & Points In Between, XV (1988), 36-43. [A Confederate soldier comments on life around Augusta and Cotton Plant in 1862.]
Atkinson, James I-I. Forty Days of Disaster: The Story of General Frederick Steele’s Expedition into Southern Arkansas, March 23 to May 3, 1864. Little Rock: Pulaski County Historical Society, 1955, Bulletin No. 1.

Bailey, Anne J. Between the Enemy and Texas: Parsons ‘Texas Cavalry in the Civil War. Fort Worth: Texas Christian University Press, 1989.
Bailey, Anne J. “The Texas Cavalry’s Race To Reinforce Arkansas Post, January 1863.” East Texas Historical Journal, XXVIII (No. 1, 1989), 45-56.
Bailey, Anne J. “Was There a Massacre at Poison Spring?” Military History of the Southwest, XX (1990), 157-168.
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Baker, Russell. “Yellow Doc, The Ranger - An Arkansas Legend: A Daring Adventure-In Skirts.” Rivers & Roads & Points In Between. XIV (Spring 1986), 10-12. [The undocumented story of Howell A. "Doc" Rayburn, a Confederate guerrilla leader who sported long blond hair and occasionally women’s clothing.]
Banasik, Michael A. Embattled Arkansas: The Prairie Grove Campaign of 1862. Wilmington, NC: Broadfoot Publishing Co., 1996
Barnes, Kenneth C. “The Williams Clan: Mountain Farmers and Union Fighters in North Central Arkansas.”Arkansas Historical Quarterly, LII (Autumn 1993), 286-317. [Excellent case study of die-hard Unionists in Conway County.]
Barnhill, Floyd R., Sr. with Calvin L. Collier. The Fighting Fifth: Pat Cleburne’s Cutting Edge, The Fifth Arkansas Infantry Regiment, C.S.A. Jonesboro: The Authors, 1990.
Baxter, William. Pea Ridge and Prairie Grove; Scenes and Incidents of the War in Arkansas. Cincinnati: Poe & Hitchcock, 1864. Reprinted with Introduction by H. Park, in Arkansas Historical Series, No. 5. Van Buren: Press - Argus, 1957.
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Bearss, Edwin C. "Confederate Action Against Fort Smith Post: Early 1864.” Arkansas Historical Quarterly, XXIX (Autumn 1970), 226-252.
Bearss, Edwin C. “The Confederate Attempt to Regain Fort Smith, 1863.” Arkansas Historical Quarter4’, XXVIII (Winter 1969), 342-380.
Bearss, Edwin C. “Federal Generals Squabble Over Fort Smith Post, 1863- 1864.” Arkansas Historical Quarterly, XXIX (Summer 1970), 119-15.1.
Bearss, Edwin C. “The Federals Capture Fort Smith, 1863.” Arkansas Historical Quarterly, XXVIII (Summer 1969), 156-190.
Bearss, Edwin C. “The Federals Raid Van Buren and Threaten Fort Smith.” Arkansas Historical Quarterly, XXVI (Summer 1967), 123-142.
Bearss, Edwin C. “The Federals Struggle to Hold on to Fort Smith.” Arkansas Historical Quarterly, XXIV (Summer 1965), 149-179.
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Beckharn, Elihu C. “Where I was, What I saw during the War.” Heritage of Stone, XI (No. 2, 1987), 1-41. [A Confederate veteran from Stone County remembers the war.]
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Bishop, Albert W. Loyalty on the Frontier; or Sketches of Union Men of the South-West; with Incidents and Adventures in Rebellion on the Border. St. Louis: R. P. Studley Co., 1863.
Blackburn, George M., ed., “Dear Carrie…”: The Civil War Letters of Thomas M. Stevens, Mount Pleasant, MI, Central Michigan University, (1984)
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Britton, Nancy, editor. “The W. L. McGuire Journals.” independence County Chronicle, XXXIV (April-July 1993), 3-47. [Begun in 1862, journal covers war and farm life]
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Carle, Glenn L. “The First Kansas Colored.” American Heritage, XLIIJ (1992), 78-91. [This Federal infantry unit, composed of escaped slaves, fought at Poison Spring.]
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Christ, Mark K., editor, Rugged and Sublime - The Civil War in Arkansas. Fayetteville, AR: University of Arkansas Press, 1994.
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